Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What do I do all day?

Well, today, I'll be taking photos and listing new items in my Etsy shop. But first I have to clean off my desk, because for the past two days, I've been making jewelry. Sometimes I'm very neat when I work, and I put things away when I'm done with them; but other days, nope, I'm on a mission and things get scattered all over creation. I've just had two of those days, and I don't think there's an inch of wood showing on my desk. I've even encroached a bit on the floor. Can't take photos in this mess!

So, after I clean up, I'll set up my equipment and take some pictures. Then I'll finish up their stories, start posting them on my Blog, and list the ones that I'll be selling on Etsy. I'll most likely steal a few minutes for making up a new design that's bouncing around in my head even as I type; but I really have to focus on the part that lets you see my stuff.

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