Saturday, January 5, 2008

Down to the wire

Why is it that I get so many ideas when I'm almost out of wire? It never fails. I have ordered lots and lots of wire, but it won't be here for several more days; my coil is shrinking faster than that. It won't last. I have two, no, three different chains in the works; one can wait, no problem, but the other two are new variations and too exciting to put on hold.

How odd; I have made 6.5 cm of each; I ran out of rings at the same length for each chain. One takes 3.6 mm rings, and the other requires 4 mm rings. Which should I choose to finish? With both, I was too excited about the weave to bother with details like number of rings per cm; both were made with rings left over from another project. I do not know if I can finish both this week; perhaps I can.

i will cut the smaller rings first; the silver will go slower than way.

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