Thursday, January 10, 2008


That's me, today. One with the klutz. I think I have dropped nearly everything I've picked up today; what's up with that? Nevertheless, I decided to make a new clasp that I woke up thinking about; I managed not to burn myself in the process, though I did set a fingernail on fire.

Yeah, I'm not kidding about that. Fingernails melt. Luckily, it only melted a little bit; but that's something I think I'll try to avoid repeating! You see, a solder paillon had danced off under the torch, and I grabbed a pair of tweezers, intending to push it back. Not unusual; I've done that a million times. But this time, I grabbed the wrong pair of tweezers. They were too short and not insulated. Well, the heat traveled up those babies lickety split and when it reached my fingernail, it melted it. I let go of those tweezers pretty fast.

Oh, and by the way, melting fingernails don't smell very good.

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