Saturday, August 2, 2008


Events of the last couple of months have rendered me useless as a blogger. Due to the drama of selling the house, packing up, driving cross country, unpacking and figuring out that I am living here; I confess that I have, at times, been utterly overwhelmed and have just not felt like chronicling the process. Some things are better forgotten.

So I hereby declare a do-over.

Last night we went to the county fair. It was great fun; we looked at all the exhibits and my very loyal family assured me that my jewelry would have won if we'd been here in time for me to enter. I love my cheering section! We ate all sorts of yummy things that were not strictly good for us, and listened to pitches for interesting appliances that we had no intention of purchasing.

But the best part? Knowing that we're finally here. No more showing the house to potential buyers, no more putting our lives on hold, waiting to do things after we move.

We're here and we went to the fair.

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