Saturday, August 16, 2008

My glass thing!

Remember last week when I took a glass blowing lesson? This is what I made!

I spent all this week wondering what it would look like when it came out of the kiln; I'd had so much fun moving the glass and just playing with it, that I came away with very little idea of what I'd actually made. I do that sometimes; I get involved in the process and completely forget to think about what it will be when I'm done.

I knew it would be yellow with the teeniest hint of blue; I knew that it bore a vague resemblance to an abalone shell. I also knew that I had not thought at all about the design or function of it while making it. That scared me a bit; I've been known to create some truly awful things when I'm under the influence of a new medium.

But I like it!!! And it is functional enough; it isn't quite as deep as I would like, but the curving edges serve nicely to balance a small arrangement of flowers. These are miniature roses and a few sprays of cotton lavender. So yes: I'd love to try it again, but next time, I'd like to pay a bit more attention to the final product. Not that I'm unhappy with this one; far from it. I'm delighted that it turned out as well as it did. But next time, there are a few more techniques I'd like to incorporate . . . .

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