Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to square one

Uh huh. I've ripped it all out again. The design wasn't quite right, and the more I did, the more obvious it became. It had to come out. Really, it did.

But I've started over, incorporating everything I've learned about how not to do it, and I think I've got it this time. I know, we've both heard that one before, but this time it just feels better. It's a funny thing about trying something new; at first I'm not sure if it's just the discomfort of not knowing what I'm doing that makes me feel off about the whole thing, or if it really is off and I'm just extraordinarily perceptive. So I keep going until I know for sure.

This time I was very perceptive.

Once I figured out why it didn't quite work, the solution was easy. Rip it out. Make the motif just a little bit longer, and suddenly it has the elegance that the first one lacked.

No, it's not wasted time. It's learning time.

1 comment:

Clay Happy said...

Love your posts. LOL, the freer you feel NOT to post, the more it flows... judy :)