Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How many needles do I need?

No, it's not a riddle, just an observation I made this afternoon. I have eight needles stuck into my beading pad. Do I have eight hands, you ask? No; but for some reason I have eight needles.

I know why some of them are there; the two quilter's betweens are my preferred needles for doing two needle right angle weave; one of the many methods I rejected while doing this piece was right angle weave. The needles are still there, and, actually, I'm still using them; I settled on herringbone, and they're equally useful for that. I'm not exactly using both of them, but I might. You never know.

I also have a very thin long beading needle for pulling thread through the tight places. I definitely need that one handy. Then there are two different sizes of darning needles; those are useful for picking the threads apart when I must backtrack or rip things out altogether. Can't do without those.

The other three are a mystery.

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