Sunday, February 8, 2009

Partners in crime

Gardening would be perfect here, if not for the gophers. I'd like for them to go away, but I don't think that is going to happen just on my say so! Killing them is not something I really want to do, so we are doing our best to protect the plants from them.

However, I recently discovered that I have a partner in the gopher hunt who probably doesn't share my distaste for killing them. A beautiful grey cat has taken up residence in our yard; she spends long hours watching the gopher holes with intense concentration.

As far as I know, she hasn't caught any; I sincerely hope that she doesn't leave them for me to find if she does. Knowing cats, she'll undoubtedly bring her trophies home to delight the people she lives with; I'm probably safe on that count. Although I do have twinges of guilt for letting her stay, I really would rather that the gophers go somewhere else; so I admire her beauty and perseverance and turn a blind eye to the potential consequences of her vigil.

We're partners, after all.

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