Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Harvest time

I thought it was time to post a photo of my veggies; these are the ones I picked today.

As you can see, the peppers are going crazy; I picked 115 of them this morning! The squash is slowing down (thank goodness!) and I've been picking 2-3 quarts of beans pretty much every day this week.

I've given up on trying to use baskets; the wheelbarrow is the only realistic way to handle the abundance.

We're keeping up with the cantaloupe, but getting behind on the tomatoes and cucumbers. This afternoon we bought a juicer; yet another way to deal with the overabundance of produce. Tomorrow, I'll start juicing and freezing veggies for winter soups. I juiced a few tomatoes today, and they made the best tomato juice I've ever had. I think I'll add some peppers and cucumbers to the next batch.

Bloody Mary, anyone?

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