Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More squash stories

The squash is still producing madly; as are the hot peppers. This morning I prepared and froze a gallon bag full of Hungarian peppers, as well as three more gallon bags filled with sliced squash. I am slowly, but surely, filling up the new freezer.

It's funny; I'm not exactly a Martha, but putting up vegetables for the winter makes me happy, and gives me a very real sense of satisfaction. I like seeing those bags of yellow and green veggies in there; I like adding to them, and I'm sure I will enjoy pulling them out and using them to feed my family this winter.

The tomatoes and beans are just beginning to ripen; they'll be the next to deal with. Then the melons, and lastly, the carrots and pumpkins. I plan to puree a lot of the pumpkin; I love pumpkin pie, and curried pumpkin soup is a wonderful winter meal.

It's August, but I'm imagining sitting in front of the fire this winter, snug and warm, with a tummy full of summer produce.

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