Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This isn't the post I planned to write. I've been chopping, slicing, blanching, freezing and juicing all morning. I entertained myself during all this by composing a wonderful post about my empty vegetable bin. I wanted to congratulate myself soundly for processing every last bit of produce that I've picked this week; I'd even planned to take a photo.

Nope, no photo.

Unbelievably, just as I was wiping the last dirty dish dry, I found another basket full of tomatoes on my counter that I'd picked yesterday. Not only had it not fit into the vegetable bin, but I hadn't even been able to carve out room for it in the refrigerator. I'd left it in an out of the way spot on the counter, quite sure that I'd remember to collect it when I began processing this morning.

Nope, I didn't remember.

But I did use some of those tomatoes in a cucumber salad; sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes are now marinating in fresh salsa that my son made at the neighbor's house. And I will have more, lots more, when I pick tonight, so it would have been a temporary victory at best. But, cofound it all, I wanted a clean slate.

Guess I'll have to write without one.

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