Monday, August 3, 2009

Meet me at the fair

Yesterday we went to the fair; it was so much fun. We looked at all the fabulous entries from so many talented people; we admired the animals, and went to the rodeo. Those cowboys sure can ride and rope. We were very proud of our local contestants; they did very well.

We ate our way from one end of the fair to the other; fresh-squeezed lemonade, iced tea, garlic fries, corn dogs, turkey legs, nachos, and funnel cakes. A perfectly balanced junk food diet! We also admired all the new gadgets and handmade items for sale; according to the pitchmen we missed out on quite a lot of fabulous deals.

We finished the day at the pig races; you haven't lived until you've seen a pig race. It's hilarious. I hooted and hollered and cheered for "my pigs" but they didn't really seem to get it. I think every one of mine came in dead last. But it was loads of fun, anyway.

Sometimes you just have to let go, eat badly, and root for your favorite pig.

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