Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well, that was interesting

Yesterday, Google thought that one of our home computers was doing something it shouldn't have been doing, and we were locked out. We ran all the diagnostic software, but we never did find the culprit; eventually, we were let back in and all was (apparently) taken care of and forgiven.

Whew. I really didn't want to go away; Google made me do it.

So; today is the last day that my daughter will be 16. Of course, we went shopping. We hit all our favorite stores, including thrift stores. I found a yummy linen pantsuit for $7.95, and a set of seven huge red wine glasses for $7.25. They are gorgeous glasses that look like great big soap bubbles. They reminded me instantly of my grandmother's champagne glasses which I have loves since childhood and now own; I had to buy them.

They make me feel good.

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