Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A better life through beading

On her blog at The Beader's Muse, Scarlett posed an interesting question today:
How has expressing your creativity through beading enriched your life?

Number one for me, is all the friends I've made, both in person, and on-line. Beaders are, for the most part, good people; most of them are generous to a fault, sharing their experience, and their beads, with friends, students, and strangers they meet on a train. I've had some of the best times of my life sharing ideas and techniques with other beaders!

On a more personal, solitary level, beading fills my need to do intricate, delicate work. I love pretty things, and I love to make pretty things. I've done all sorts of hand work, from embroidery to making lace; from quilting to dressmaking, but I always come back to the beads. I've been beading for nearly 45 years!

For me, the joy has always been in the details, and beading allows me an almost infinite number of choices; I can choose from so many colors, sizes and shapes. I love beading; I joke that it is my therapy of choice. In truth, it probably is. My life is richer for having spent my time playing with beads.

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