Saturday, February 16, 2008

Left turn

Right then, yesterday I started a project using fold forming; I had every intention of continuing it today, but surprise! I did something else entirely. Yup, inspiration struck, and my plans for today went out the window.

I have been wanting to combine turquoise and opals in a ring for some time now; I just love the way they look together. But I was having a terrible time coming up with a design. Most of my rings are wildly impractical; I love rings that make a strong statement. But that's dangerous with opals; they are fragile and can't be used in a way that leaves them vulnerable to being whacked. So no sticking out bits.

But I still wanted to make something striking. It was a dilemma; one that has provoked me for about a year now. But today it all came clear, and I have my opal and turquoise ring at last.

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