Saturday, February 2, 2008

Vintage finds

We went on a ramble today; we just got in the car and headed north. We turned when we felt like it and headed for towns that sounded interesting. When they weren't, we kept driving, and when they were, we stopped. We had juicy, cheap hamburgers in an old railroad car diner and even bought a chocolate cake to take home.

We also stopped in an antique store where I found a fabulous cache of vintage beads and glass cabochons, some in their original papers marked, "made in Western Germany." I'm guessing that they are from the 1950s; the telephone number for the importer lists the telephone exchange by name, not number. I wonder if Bryant 9-1830 is still a valid number? I googled the company, H & S Import Co., Inc, but alas, no hits. I suspect it is long gone, and this stash is the last of their assets.

I didn't spend much; I restrained myself. But I did walk away with a couple of gross of cabs and a few very unusual beads. Look for them over at Jewelry Tales in the coming weeks and months; I'm already bursting with ideas. Now to find the time to make them come true.

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