Monday, February 25, 2008

Riveting woes

Yeah, I really, really stink at making tube rivets. The only reason I haven't ripped it to pieces is because I can't figure out how to rip it to pieces without breaking the bead. Okay, let me back up. I made a couple of very, very simple bead caps and attempted to tube rivet them to a boro bead that I've had hanging around for awhile; it is positively amazing how many ways that can go wrong.

Suffice to say the end result is rather wonky. The bead doesn't sit quite evenly between the caps because I bent the tube and I can't seem to unbend it. For now it is sitting on my desk, and I've been picking it up every now and again and trying to get it straightened out. It's just enough off to really, really bug me right now.

So either I'll finally get it tweaked into place, or I'll break the rivet trying, or I'll learn to live with it. Anyone want to guess which is most likely?

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