Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to the beginning

Sometimes things just don't work the way I think they will. Shocking, I know.

The necklace I've been working on is a case in point; I made the beaded beads, strung them, and watched them shrink. Seriously. They got smaller and smaller, and before I knew what had happened, the necklace was too small to wear. I'd run out of small pearls, so couldn't make more beads . . . I needed a rescue.

So I got an idea for a truly long embroidered clasp; one that would make up the length of the incredible shrinking beaded beads. But when I finished it, it overwhelmed the beaded beads. I'll use it on another piece, I like it; but it was not what the beaded beads needed.

Back to square one.

I admitted to myself that I really wanted the necklace to be just beaded beads, so I decided to reinforce them and see if I could make them go back to their original size. Success! Now they have a lovely, but small, embroidered clasp, and they are keeping their original size.

I never know where a project will take me.

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