Saturday, January 3, 2009

A new start

It's a new year, we're in a new house, and I got my new workbench today.  When we left New York, I sold my old desk.  Long story; although it was a beautiful desk, it had some very bad associations for me.  I kept it for many years, mostly because it was a very expensive desk, and I knew I couldn't begin to get my money back if I sold it.

I finally realized that my peace of mind was worth a lot more than I'd spent on that desk, and resolved to let it go, even if I had to give it away.  So, before we left New York, I found out that some friends of mine really liked it; I tried to give it to them, but they insisted on paying me for it.  Since I wanted a workbench instead of a desk anyway, I sold it to them for about what we thought a workbench would cost, and planned to buy one when we got settled in California. 

We're not quite settled yet, but I got my workbench!  Sears was having a clearance sale on their old models, and the one I wanted was out of stock.  However, they were willing to sell me the display model.  Now, for some folks, that display model might have been a disappointment.  But for me, it was better than having a new one. 

See, the bench I wanted can be purchased with either a metal or a wood top.  In order to show customers both tops, Sears put half wood and half metal on the display model.  Can you say work surface and soldering station?  I can!  And I have them both on the same bench.  For an additional 15% off the clearance price.

Just about the amount I spent on lampwork beads yesterday.  

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