Friday, January 23, 2009

Year of Jewelry

Do you participate in one? Do you follow any? Are you sitting there wondering what on earth a "Year of Jewelry" is?

A Year of Jewelry is an organized event where a bunch of jewelry makers agree to design and create a piece of jewelry based on a common theme, in a limited amount of time, over the space of one year. There are variations, of course; some give a new assignment every week, others are monthly; some are judged and winners chosen, and others are just for the challenge of it. Some are quite firm about their deadlines, and others couldn't care less.

I've followed several different ones over the years, but I've never committed myself to participate. Many are weekly, and I know I would feel overwhelmed if I were to try to come up with a new piece every week. Sometimes I design and work fast, and sometimes I don't. I like to give myself the space to let the fallow times be fallow.

But I've found a Year of Jewelry project that doesn't require a commitment. Themes are announced weekly, but there is no requirement to meet every one. Some do, of course, but it isn't required. This week the theme really spoke to me, and I have been working on a piece for it. Alas, it won't be finished in time; this is one with a firm deadline, and I have much too much to do before the week ends.

But that's okay. I really like the way it is coming out, and it's not worth rushing it. My Year of Jewelry will roll by in its own measure.

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