Friday, January 30, 2009

Garden notes

Yup, I was at it again today. Bare root season isn't going to last much longer, y'know? Everyone has put them on sale, and they're going fast.

Yesterday, I noticed that they had bare root artichokes, and I love artichokes! I didn't buy any, because I had not prepared a bed for them, but I sure wanted to. So, this morning, I got up and got digging. I dug out a bed large enough for the artichokes and some berries as well. Yes, I noticed them yesterday, too!

So I now have five blackberries and six artichokes planted on the ridge above the area where I planted the fruit trees. There is a bit more room in front of that bed; I may move my rosebushes there. I had planted them temporarily on the side of the house when we were considering hiring a landscaper. I knew that they needed to be well out of the way if anyone other than me were working back there! Especially anyone working with a tractor. Tractors are wonderful, but they don't have a lot of respect for rosebushes. Now that we've decided to do it ourselves, however, the roses can come back out into a sunnier place.

Erm, not today, though!

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