Friday, May 15, 2009


Some projects go quickly, and others seem to take forever! Quite some time ago, I came up with a design for a beaded bead. It's a fun little bead, quite different from most, and I was really happy with it. Of course, I immediately thought, "Tutorial!"

It should have been the first tutorial in my Etsy shop. Yup, that's how long ago it was; it's the first tutorial I started writing.

And then I stalled. Big time. The diagrams on this one were really hard for me to visualize. It isn't easy to take something that is very 3-D and show how to make it in in only two dimensions. Or, at least, it wasn't easy for me! I kept finding myself drawn off into other, less dimensional, projects.

But yesterday afternoon, I got determined. I worked all afternoon and into the evening, then started right in, first thing this morning. And I am very pleased to report that I got it done, and listed in my shop. It's over there, to the right.

Click on it, okay?

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