Monday, May 25, 2009

Random thoughts

It's been a very pleasant weekend; nothing major or momentous going on, but nice. Relaxing. Pleasant is the operative word here. The weather has been delightful; sunny, a bit on the cool side, but not cool enough to make me reach for a sweater during the day. During the evenings we're bundling up a bit, but when the sun shines, it's lovely.

I've been writing a lot of tutorials lately; take a look on the right side of my blog, and you'll see most of them. Not all; I decided that the "shop window" is about as large as it needs to be. You'll just have to go over there if you want to see the rest of it! I'm really enjoying writing tutorials; it makes me feel a bit less self-indulgent about all the beading I do! You see, I don't wear nearly as much as I make, so sometimes I feel guilty about making more. But not now! Nope, I have to make stuff in order to write tutorials!

Circular logic, I know it is; but it's better than no logic at all.

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