Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Garden notes

It was a gorgeous spring day here, and I ended up spending pretty much all of it in the garden. I moved some bushes that were in the wrong spot; they were here when we moved in, and are too big for the front of the flower bed. The previous owners had stopped gardening at the end of the lawn, so that's where they were. We're gardening a bit further out than that.

After I moved the bushes, I finished mulching that area; it's amazing how mulch makes the garden look so much more defined. It looks like a flower bed now; the plants really stand out against the mulch. I filled in the empty spaces with more lavender; I love lavender and it's not a water hog, so I feel good about planting it.

The vegetable beds are looking good; I planted six more tomatoes and four artichokes. The squash seeds are coming up, and I think tomorrow I'll plant the last of the beans.

I'm tired, sore, but happy.

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