Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making Lemonade

Thank you Cat's Wire for awarding me the Lemonade Stand Award! What a fun surprise. Cat told me that this award is for bloggers who show, "great attitude and gratitude." This is something that I really appreciate; it's important to me to do what I can to try and see the best in the world and share it. So this award really means a lot to me. Now . . . who to pass it on to?

First up, I have to choose Debby. She is facing some very difficult circumstance, and she is doing it with a very large measure of grace and thankfulness. She is an inspiration to me; her faith continues strong in the face of so very many difficulties.

Next up, Scarlett at The Beader's Muse. Scarlett is an inspiring young woman who is reaching for the stars and actually catching some of them!

I'm going to stretch the rules a bit on my third award. Debby Sweet isn't a blogger, but only because she really doesn't have the time. She spends virtually every minute of her waking hours rescuing dogs that have been abandoned or abused, teaching them that the world is a good place, and finding loving homes for them. Here's to you, sis!

Next up is Kathy. Go check out her backyard video and you'll see what I mean about her attitude and gratitude!

Those are my picks! I hope you enjoy visiting all these wonderful and special women.

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