Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back to my Steampunk piece

Well, I had a lot of things that took me away from it this week, but today I got back to it. I added a couple more inches, and decided what to do for the back of the neck part. I'm funny about that; I don't like to finish elaborate collars off with just a chain or spiral; though I have seen some very lovely ones done that way, it just doesn't feel comfortable to me.

When a necklace has a bit of weight to it, I want a wide piece going around my neck. I think it's an internalized backpacker type of thing: my instinct is to spread the weight out. However, I don't like to make the back too wide, or too eye-catching, so some of my more elaborate design ideas just won't work.

So there it is: wide, but not too wide; interesting, but not too elaborate. And different. It absolutely had to be different. This piece is a journey into fantasy, and it is nothing if not fantastical.

Have I piqued your interest?

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