Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've removed most of the multi-tasking nonsense from my plate. Yup, today was a very productive day. I finished off the article for Bead and Button and emailed it to them; I finished off Mom's present; and I even wrote a tutorial for it. I need to photograph it, but once that's done, I'll put the tutorial up in my Etsy shop.

I even cleaned the bathroom.

Funny, I really didn't feel stressed or anything about juggling so many different projects, but today I just had the motivation to wipe the slate clean. We're all ready for the planting mix delivery tomorrow morning; the section of the driveway where they will dump it is clear, and the tractor and cart are in the backyard, ready to begin hauling dirt. All I have to do tomorrow morning is move the jeep.

I'm ready!

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