Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wake up call

Well, we had a very interesting wake up call this morning. Quite suddenly, all the dogs in the neighborhood started barking like mad, the kid behind us began yelling in great excitement (and did not stop!), and there was a very loud Whoooooooosh! Whoooooooooosh! Woooooosh! sound right on top of our house.

I looked out the window, and there were half a dozen hot air balloons going right over our house! Yup, our town is having a hot air balloon festival, and we are on the flight path. We opened the blinds and watched all the balloons drift by while laying in bed; they floated by, in groups of two or three, for about half an hour.. It was really cool. We'd toyed with the idea of going out there, but we abandoned the idea when we found out that we would have to get there by 6 in the morning to see the launch.

Little did we know that all we had to do was open the blinds.

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