Sunday, April 5, 2009

Garden update

Well, it looks like two of our trees aren't going to make it. I was watering today (and building up the water wells around the trees with turned over turf; I just can't seem to let the shovel alone!) and two of them have still not shown any signs of buds or leaves. All the rest have leafed out nicely, so I'm beginning to think that those two are just not going to make it. Oh, well. We'll replace them next year.

Tomorrow morning my son and I are going to drive over to my parent's house and pick up a load of aged horse manure for the raised bed. I bribed him with the opportunity to drive over the hill; he hasn't been on that road yet, and it should be interesting. It's a good road, but rather steep in places, and very curvy. He'll be taking it slower than most, so if you're stuck behind a gold mini-van tomorrow, cut us a break, okay? He'll pull over and let you go by when it's safe to do so.

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