Sunday, April 12, 2009

One of my better ideas

I'm bringing dessert to the family Easter celebration, and I wanted to make something easy to serve, something light for those who are watching their desserts, and something yummy for those who aren't.

Yeah, I like tough challenges.

But I think I've pulled it off. I made two kinds of shortbread, with orange and lemon fillings, and cut them into small squares. The nibblers can have one and feel indulgent, and those who live for dessert can have several. I also made chocolate covered strawberries and kumquats (note to the health nuts: it's fruit!).

I'm sure we all know and love shortbread and chocolate covered strawberries. But it's the kumquats that are the best; and it's something I've never had or even seen before. But it's an amazing taste combo: the richness of the dark chocolate, the sweet burst of the kumquat skin, and the sourness of their centers add up to an amazing, and refreshing, dessert. I've got a few left, and yup, they're MINE!!!!

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