Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Who knew? Suddenly I'm interested in wrapping wire again. No, not the extravagant wraps popularized by so many other wire artists (though you never know what I'll want to do tomorrow); I'm making discreet little wraps that are more involved with holding things together than with making a statement. Earrings, mostly. Quick little pretty things. And I'm getting some ideas for wraps and coils that go with bezels, strictly as design elements.

And for the New Year, I see organic possibilities: my mother and my sister both gifted me with leaf beads this year. My sister sent impossibly delicate and tiny antique, etched, pressed-glass leaves; and my mother found bold, gorgeously carved, gemstone leaves. Flowers, vines, and fairy circlets are teasing me; pearls? briolettes? silver lace?

Ah, what fun. I love the moment when everything is possible and nothing is decided.

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