Monday, December 10, 2007

Slow down, you move too fast

You know how sometimes someone can say something and it morphs into another idea in your head? I had one of those today, and it made me think about maybe trying to slow down a little. I'm a madwoman when I work; I always have been. Full concentration, and speed, baby, speed! I love working on the fly, going wherever my materials lead. It's exciting and it's fun.

But there are other ways to work.

And a chance comment got me thinking about that today. I wonder what would happen if I slowed down?

I can't guarantee I'm going to find out anytime soon; but it's a thought.

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Samuel Hanke said...

Reading this post got me thinking on how I didn't like riding in a car at high speeds when I was little. I couldn´t see the landscape cause the car was moving so fast, everything was blury. Slowing down makes you aware of things you couldn't see clear. Maybe it does that for you :)
(sorry for my english) Cya!