Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tying up loose ends

I've been working simultaneously on a lot of things lately, and not getting much finished; however, this week I'm finally starting to see the end of a few of my projects. I mailed off my contest entry yesterday; it didn't have to go until next Monday, but I'm happy with it, and yesterday I realized that I was ready to let it go. So I did.

My putative Dutch Spiral piece is almost at an end; I'm in the middle of fringing it. I thought I might finish it tonight, but I'm pooped. Tomorrow will do fine for that one. The tutorials have stalled; I must get back to them. I have two in process right now, and it would be good if I finished them.

The garden will be an on-going project for many years, so I'm not even going to think about finishing it; however there are small goals to celebrate, and last weekend we built a raised bed for the side yard. It needs to be filled and planted, but I'll get to that. I've had a rather nasty cold, so I'm not really up to doing a lot of digging and dirt-lugging. I'm looking forward to feeling better so I can, however!

Between the contest entry and the spiral challenge, I've come up with some really interesting new methods for making for bead lace. I've been perusing some of my lace books, looking for ideas, and I'm looking forward to beginning a new project once the spiral has been put to bed.

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