Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to the beads

I found something to do with my 2mm crystals. Surprised? I doubt it! I suspect that if you know me at all, you knew I wouldn't rest until I did.

Rings. Cute little rings. Fun little rings. The 2mm crystals look like little diamonds between the gemstones, pearls and crystals I've used; yup. I made half a dozen of them today. I'll write up the pattern tomorrow; these are fun and easy to make, and I hope that others will like them, too.

The 2mm crystals aren't the only unusual thing I used in these rings, however; I set aside my beloved round seedies and have been using cylinder beads instead. I don't usually use cylinder beads; they're too perfect for my taste. Made up, they look like scales to me, and, in general, I don't like their lack of texture.

But for rings, they can't be beat. They're smaller than regular seeds, giving the rings a lower profile. Bead rings tend to stick out more than I'd like; they're not always comfortable. Cylinders solve that problem.

And after working with them all day, the smooth texture is growing on me. I just might have to rethink my prejudice against them.

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