Friday, July 3, 2009

A walk on the boardwalk

We decided to take a day off on our day off; we went to the beach. It was a gorgeous day, and we walked out to the end of the pier to see the surfers and the fishermen. No one was catching anything; the fish weren't biting and the waves were very small.

But the pelicans were out in force; they are very handsome birds, and quite unafraid of people for the most part. They flew about, landing on the railings, staring rather disdainfully at the people passing by. They posed for photographs, and put up with all sorts of nonsense before finally flying off and settling back down again in a new spot.

As much as I love my beads, it's always nice to get out and do something completely different. I did sneak in a trip to my favorite LBS on the way, of course . . . I picked up a bunch of Czech drops to work into beaded beads.


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