Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I've learned a new skill . . .

. . . installing drip irrigation.

Okay, so it's not rocket science, but it's a very useful skill. Especially in our backyard. We're living in a field, remember? Not a bit of landscaping was here when we bought the place. It's a lot less bare now, but I was feeling at the mercy of our landscaping guru; I really didn't want to buy plants, put them in, and then have to hand water until he could fit us in and install more drip lines.

But then we found two really nice looking fruit trees at a bargain basement price yesterday, and we couldn't resist. We decided to buy them to replace the bare root trees that didn't make it. Of course, our new drip irrigation system didn't have emitters for the trees that weren't there; so today I looked at it and thought, "How hard can it be?"

Luckily for me, not hard at all!

After only two trips to the hardware store, I had everything I needed in the size I needed it in. There are two types of main line; thick wall and thin wall, and the thin wall fittings will not fit over the thick wall tubing. Guess how I know?

Once I had the right fittings, it was a piece of cake to hook up some more line. I then popped on a couple of small lines, added little sprinklers to them, and turned it on. Amazingly, it worked! Our new trees have water. So, I guess that means I can resume planting in the rest of the garden; the only thing holding me back was irrigation.

I've got that sussed!

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