Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yup, definitely the sorcerer's apprentice

I just made my rounds of the vegetable garden; I picked a bushel basket full of yellow squash. I'd quite forgotten how well squash produce when they don't die young.
Note to self: forget the seed packet next year; a six pack from the garden center will more than suffice.
I also thinned out the carrots again; this time I got actual carrots out of the thinning. They smell divine. The lemon cucumbers are beginning to ripen; I picked two of them, and a few cherry peppers, hungarian peppers and bell peppers. The beans are in full flower; I suspect they will be the next deluge.

And the pumpkins and melons are getting larger by the minute.

The lettuces and collards are also monsters; yesterday I cut the first two artichokes. Anyone have any good veggie recipes to share?

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Clay Happy said...

You're gone again - come back please...?