Friday, July 17, 2009

Feeling like the sorcerer's apprentice

A little back story, first. When we lived in New York, we had a vegetable garden every year. We didn't get a lot of vegetables, but we had a garden. Our tomatoes and lettuces produced enough for salads, the squash got mildew and died before producing even a flower, and the beans gave us half a dozen dinners.

Erm, we're in California now.

The squash didn't get the gunge and die; rather it is producing. Madly. We're picking every day, and still it is getting away from us! Tonight I found two giant ones that had been hiding under leaves; I think stuffed squash is in our very near future. The tomatoes have hundreds of little green globes on them, and the beans are just coming into flower.

The melons and pumpkins and cukes have left their raised beds and are sprawling on the ground. I swear, I can actually see them growing. It's amazing how quickly it happened; it feels as if we just planted the seeds the other day.

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