Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Squash and beads

The missing beads turned up; they were in the garage. Of course, I had replaced some of them, but that's okay, now I have lots. I spent last evening sorting them out and putting them away. Those little 2mm crystals are so tiny; I still don't know what I'll do with them, but now at least I now know where they are should inspiration strike.

The box of beads was discovered as we were moving our new deep freeze into the garage. We'd wanted one for a long time, and with the amount of squash we've been harvesting, now seemed like a good time to just go ahead and get it. We figure it will pay for itself in no time, just in squash alone. Of course, we'll also be able to buy other things on sale and stash them in there, too. I'm sure that having quick and easy meals in there will cut down on the "we're going out for dinner because everyone is too tired to cook" days. Frozen pizza and lasagna are wonderful things to have on hand.

But I digress. I sliced, blanched, and froze squash this morning. I cut the five monster ones in half and scooped out the seeds so that they'd be ready to stuff. I sliced the normal sized ones into rounds, and laid them out on cookie sheets so that they would freeze individually. My cookie sheets are huge, and I got two layers of squash on each one. Later this afternoon, when they're frozen solid, I'll pop them into gallon bags.

It's a good feeling to put food away for the winter.

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