Tuesday, October 9, 2007

9,000 calories

Yup, that's how many are in the bag of candy that I bought yesterday to give out for trick-or-treating. 9,000 calories. Who would have thought that those little packages packed such a big punch? Not me! But I did the math (a couple of times, actually, since I could not believe it on the first go) and there it is. About four days worth of calories in one bag. So I will not be nipping a few of those before the big day, oh, no; now I know how dangerous they are, and I'll have to resist.


Counting calories is still not part of my mindset. I spent too many years burning them as fast as I ingested them; I still expect my body to work that way, though it has been awhile since it did. How many other things do I expect to continue forever, just as they once did? Erm, too many. I like consistency. I like knowing that if I do x, then y will follow. I'm not thrilled about the fact that z has taken over from y and given me a whole new paradigm to understand.

Odd how I love to learn some new things, but not others.

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