Thursday, October 4, 2007

Maille me

So last night I combined two things I've been wanting to do:
- making a maille ring
- learning euro 4-in-1
into one project.

It was a very cool project, actually. I did the weave the way one would for a maille shirt, instead of the way it is usually done for jewelry, and I really like the way it looks and feels. It sort of hugs my finger, and stretches and contracts as I move. It's not the least bit rigid, like other rings; and done this way, it really looks more like a knit than anything else. I added some labradorite dangles to it which give it sort of a funky medieval look. If it were oxidized, it might look goth, but it's shiny bright, so it looks like me!

If you want to see, click here.

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