Saturday, October 27, 2007

New beads!

I love having new beads to look at and think about. I don't always manage to use up the old ones before I'm itching to acquire new ones, but it is such fun to order them, to wait impatiently for them to arrive, and then to tear off the packaging and hold them in my hands. They always live on my desk for awhile; usually to the left of my computer where I can glance over at them and pick them up from time to time.

Sometimes I use them immediately; other times they sit for quite awhile. Some lampwork artists only sell in large lots, so after I've used a few from the string, they end up in a sectioned drawer with my pliers; if I'm between projects, I pull them out and think about them. Sometimes I even use one or two. A few of them have been in there for so long, they've actually surprised me into almost regarding them as new again.

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