Monday, October 29, 2007


Yes, I'm playing with fibers again. I found some antique linens a week or two ago, and they gave me an idea for making jewelry. So I have been pleating and embroidering with threads, pearls and crystals; making needle lace edgings on the pleats and around the pearls; I am making a very baroque and very bridal cuff. A pair of these would be stunning on a long sleeved, winter wedding dress. It would also make a beautiful headpiece for a veil.

But I am making it to soothe my soul. Yes, it's all in the details. Those tiny stitches comfort me and ease my mind. Creating something beautiful, stitch by stitch, gives me strength and courage. It will take many hours to finish; and that is comforting right now. I can see my progress, and that is reassuring right now. I'm moving forward.

Time is on my side.

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