Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A special story

My most recent Jewelry Tales bracelet, Greta Sails, has a very special story behind it; the black walnut bead used as the focal arrived with its own story for me to elaborate on. Thank you, Joan Jensen of Tazwood Creations! I hope you like where I've taken Greta; I am so pleased that you introduced me to her. As I use more of your beads, Greta and her family will appear in more of my tales.

I wanted to use this very unusual bead to begin telling Greta's story; I wanted to use it to express her hope, loneliness and anticipation of a new and better life with this bracelet. It's always hard to leave behind the people and places that we know well; it often takes something out of the ordinary to make us begin.

Greta's journey has begun; where will she take me next?

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