Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Run river run

I took this picture yesterday, and when I got home I finished a bracelet using Ocean Jasper discs. Although these discs were cut and polished by a lapidary, stone is polished every day without human hands or intervention. Captured here is a moment in time, water blurred and frozen over stone. In reality it is moving still, and the stone is wearing away, infinitesimally, with every drop that passes over it. It will not disappear in my lifetime, but it is changing every day.

It's hard not to think about how things are formed while making jewelry; every day I'm shaping and filing and sanding and polishing; wearing away the scratches and deposits that my work puts into metal, doing my best to smooth out the damage that is an inevitable effect of shaping it to my vision.

I am made of softer stuff; I wear faster than stone or metal. But even my changes, which seem to happen so quickly to me, become invisible in the trajectory of smaller creatures.

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